Iced Coffee Recipe – Healthy Recipes Blog

Iced coffee is one of life’s pleasures. This refreshing beverage combines the rich taste of coffee with the coolness of ice and the creaminess of milk or heavy cream.

It’s easy to make cold coffee at home, especially if you brew coffee ahead of time and refrigerate it until you’re ready to use it in this recipe.

Iced coffee served in a tall glass with heavy cream and dark chocolate.

I love coffee. It’s not just the caffeine boost – I often choose decaf. I enjoy the rich flavor and wonderful aroma. I also like the social aspect of chatting with friends or family over a cup of coffee or meeting at a trendy coffee place.

But when summer arrives, especially here in Tennessee, drinking a hot cup of coffee loses appeal. That’s when iced coffee (and iced tea) comes to the rescue! It enables me to enjoy coffee while staying cool.