Grilled Scallops – Healthy Recipes Blog

This recipe for grilled scallops is easy and delicious. Ready in about 20 minutes and bursting with flavor, it’s the ideal summer recipe.

It’s perfect for your outdoor gas grill, but you can make it anytime during the year if you opt for an electric grill or a grill pan.

Grilled scallops served on a white plate.

Scallops are a delicacy. Recipes like baked scallops, seared scallops, and bacon-wrapped scallops are always a hit.

These grilled scallops are excellent. The spice combination – garlic, paprika, and cayenne pepper – is bold and flavorful. The olive oil adds earthiness, and the lemon juice brightens the dish. It’s a delightful summer recipe, a true crowd-pleaser.